The mission of the Topeka Symphony Society is to encourage and cultivate appreciation and support for fine music in northeast Kansas by presenting performances of high quality and by providing educational and performance opportunities for youth.
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Buy tickets online or charge by phone at the TSO Office, (785) 232-2032. Hours are 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Major Credit Cards accepted. Email the TSO office or fax (785) 232-6204.
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Tickets may be purchased at the site of the performance one hour prior to the concert.

Orchestra Members, 2020-2021 Season


First Violin

Zsolt Eder, Concertmaster, Topeka Symphony League Chair
Kenya Patzer, Associate Concertmaster, Virginia Wade Chair
Molly Wisman, Norma A. Pettijohn Chair
Victor Diaz, Prof. Dr. Charles A. Goetz Memorial Chair
Dorothy Gomez, The Rev. Roger M. Goetz Chair
Can Balcik Moretti, Anne-Katharine E. Goetz Memorial Chair
Therese Slatter, Betty Bokelheide Goetz Chair
Shupei Wang, Dr. John W. Strickler Chair given by the Rev. Roger Goetz Family
I-Hsin Wu, Anne-Katharine E. Goetz’s son Jayson Smith Chair
Craig Yorke, Anne-Katharine E. Goetz’s son Alexander Holm Chair

Second Violin

Donna L. Mealy, Principal, Herbert and Esther Moses Family Chair
Julie Wykert, Maxine Anton Chair
Ethan Loewen, Betty Sisk Chair
Laura McGill
LeAnne Baehni Schultz
Melanie Paris Wambsganss*
Diego Zapata
Joey Yiming Zhou


En-Ting Hsu, Principal, Everett Fetter Memorial Chair
Yeong-Ju Heo, Virginia and Helen Hocker Chair
Lisa Janssen, Lola Dexter Memorial Chair given by Drs. Grace and Michael Morrison
Donita McLeland, Charles and Betty Jo Marling Chair
Art Sandquist
Gloria Scolari
Molly Zahn


Eman Chalshotori, Principal, The Stan and Jody Teeter Family Chair
Martha G. Barnhill, Rebecca Sisk Foerschler Chair
Yi Chun Chen
Jenith Hoover**
B. J. McCune**
Tracy Teague Tugman*
Carolyn Rich Voth**


Benjamin Beggs, Principal
Breta Bloomberg, Kathleen Covert Maag Chair
Brian Council
JoEllen McGranahan**


Hannah Porter Occeña, Principal, Kyle Wiley Pickett Chair given by the Rev. Roger Goetz Family
Gözde Cakir


Elizabeth Robinson, Diana Osterhout Chair


Alyssa Morris, Principal, Rodney and Sylvia Boyd Chair
James M. Mosher,* Cyrus H. and Carmen R. Elting Chair
Mark Rustman

English Horn

James M. Mosher*


J.D. Parr,* Principal, James K. Van Slyke Memorial Chair
Lynne Leifer, Lolafaye Coyne Chair

Bass Clarinet

Tod Kerstetter, Marvin W. Maydew Chair


Allan Comstock,** Principal, Floyd C. Hedberg Memorial Chair
Susan Maxwell, Interim Principal
Ginger R. Patterson, James Van Sickle Chair

French Horn

Dwight Purvis, Acting PrincipalGordon and Melanie McQuere Chair
Joanne Marie Field, Virginia and Helen Hocker Chair
Katie Grose
Adam Paxson


William D. Cooper, Principal
Stephen J. Patterson, Virginia Wade Chair
Don McDaniel, Joanna and Roy Lacoursiere Chair


Neal C. Purvis, Principal
Andrew Anderson, Ronald D. Pettijohn Memorial Chair given by Norma Pettijohn and Family

Bass Trombone

Andy Newbegin


Jason Tacker


Neil Dunn


Bob Keckeisen, PrincipalJerry and Lea Billinger Chair
Shawn Evans,* Jack and Ilene Ecord Chair
Andrea Swanson, Michael Sisk Memorial Chair
Amie Walter


Tabitha Reist Steiner, James D. Van Sickle Chair


Charles Tsui, Dr. Phillip Sisk Memorial Chair


Raffaele Cipriano, Assistant Conductor
Art Sandquist, Librarian

* Orchestra Committee member
** Leave of Absence