Michael Morrison, President
Jerry Billinger, Past President
Bobbi Caggianelli, Treasurer
Jayne Cafer, Secretary



David Azwell
Michelle Ewert
Kristina Figuerres
Ralph Hipp
Von Kopfman
Laura Lutz
Peg McCarthy
Bill McDonald
Shirley Moore
Amanda Niemann
David Ohse
Rachel Pickering
Mark Taylor
Laura Vaughn
Sandi Wilber
Connie Wood



Trella Anderson, President, 
Topeka Symphony League

James Mosher, 
Orchestra President
Stan Teeter, Chair, 
Topeka Symphony 
Endowment Trustees



Shawn Evans

J.D. Parr
Tracy Teague Tugman
Melanie Paris Wambsganss



A Note from the President

Topeka Symphony Orchestra's 74th season continues the mission of presenting high quality performances to encourage and cultivate appreciation and support for fine music in northeast Kansas. Kyle Wiley Pickett, in his seventh year as TSO Music Director and Conductor, along with the orchestra members are focused on providing exceptional live performances that appeal to a diverse audience in Topeka and surrounding communities.
With 61 years of Topeka Symphony Youth Ensembles completed, the Board of Directors, along with TSO staff and Youth Ensemble conductors are engaged in a review process to improve this valuable program and provide for long term sustainability. The Youth Ensembles provide opportunities for education, inspiration, and enrichment to young musicians and our community through music. If you know of any budding young musicians from grade school through high school, please encourage them to join this group of dedicated students. Be sure to watch for the Fall and Spring Youth Ensemble Concert dates. We encourage you to attend and enjoy these talented young musicians.
The Topeka Symphony League is a vital partner in the ongoing support and success of TSO and Youth Ensembles. League volunteers help at the TSO concerts, assist with pre- and post-concert events and with the Youth Ensembles rehearsals and performances. The League also plans and hosts the annual Gala, a significant source of funding for the Topeka Symphony Orchestra. This year's Gala is scheduled for Friday, February 28, 2020. Please mark this date on your calendar and be sure to join in the fun and help support the TSO and Youth Ensembles. The League welcomes you to join this group of dedicated volunteers. Please review information provided on this website or contact the TSO office (785-232-2032) to see how you can become a member of this dynamic group.
We extend our heartfelt appreciation to individuals and businesses in Topeka and surrounding communities for their support. It takes so much more than a conductor and musicians to make these performances happen. We encourage you to support the Topeka Symphony. There are a number of ways in which you can do this including being part of the Topeka Symphony Legacy Society Planned Giving Program. Please visit the Support page on this website for more information on this program as well as other events and support opportunities. 
Additionally, we extend a special thank you to our dedicated staff, to the orchestra members and conductor, to members of the Board of Directors, the Topeka Symphony League, Symphony Endowment Board of Trustees, and our volunteers, all of whom are so vital with their dedication and commitment to the Topeka Symphony.
We hope you enjoy Topeka Symphony's 74th season — The American Playlist.


Michael Morrison

Board President, Topeka Symphony Orchestra