This year, the Topeka Symphony is going to ask THE BIG QUESTIONS:

· Who am I?
· Where am I going?
· What happens after death?
· What is our destiny?
· What is the meaning of life?

But don’t worry, we won’t get too heavy. We’ll also ask THE HAPPY QUESTIONS:

· Will you dance with me?
· Will you marry me?
· Will you be mine?


And, since we’re an orchestra, we think we ought to ask a few ARTSY QUESTIONS:

· What inspires us?
· Does art give life meaning?
· Are we living in the best of all possible worlds?


We’re going to use classical and popular music to explore big issues about life and death, fate and destiny, art and inspiration, and love and marriage. Composers and artists have grappled with these issues through the centuries and offered their answers in powerful, fascinating, and thought-provoking works which we will showcase in this season of THE BIG QUESTIONS.


Kyle Wiley Pickett,
Music Director and Conductor


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